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Welcome to the Groupsite for Transition South Barwon Inc (TSB).

Transition is a worldwide movement (, where a grassroots community comes together to explore ways that a town or region can transition to a truly sustainable, resilient and happier future for everyone.

TSB's primary focus is on the postcode 3216 (including Belmont, Highton & Grovedale), in Geelong, Victoria - but we encourage anyone to join our groupsite for free and participate!  

Our aims are to have projects in areas of food, transport, energy, education, housing, waste, arts, etc. as small-scale local responses to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy.

If you  are local and like what we are doing, we encourage you to join TSB as a financial member for just $10 / year [download form].  If you don't like using forums / emails, you can join us as an 'offline' member this way.



NEW: Transition South Barwon members have joined forces with the community and COGG to begin work on Geelong's largest Community Orchard!

Located at the end of Perret St, Grovedale (just behind the scout hall) it will be a model for edible landscapes and community involvement in open space in Geelong.

To find out more, join the project group on this site, or contact the steering group below.

Workshops will be announced on the TSB calendar, we hope you can get involved.


CONTACT THE STEERING GROUP: If you would like more info about this group (or offer any feedback about Transition in the South Barwon Region); please contact any of the current 'steering group': Goshen, Doug or Joh.  Email: transitionsouthbarwon (at)


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    Grovedale Community Orchard

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Sustainable EXPO at GPAC 2014



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